Updated Friday the 3rd September the UK Gov Covid Dashboard reports the following statistics today and change over the last seven days:

Daily deaths 121 plus 5.6%
Patients admitted 985 plus 4.1%
Tested positive 42,076 plus 0.4%

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The gov.uk covid dashboard website page makes it easy to check your own area by simply entering your postcode.

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Click here to visits the page, scroll down and enter your postcode to see how your area compares

Some examples of variations

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Glasgow area - Some alarming figures possibly because children have gone back to school earlier

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Cardiff area - Also higher than UK average

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Romford, London - Much lower than UK totals

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Sefton, Merseyside - Higher increase in patients admitted

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Ormskirk, Lancashire - Zero deaths in last 7 days

Click HERE to check your area